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MEMBER PROFILE: Deborah Rothman Esq. *

Deborah Rothman Esq.
Mediator & Arbitrator

Los Angeles
CA 90066

Tel: (310) 452-9891

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2 Attorney Testimonials Recorded
Attorney Client:
Stephen M. Moloney
Gilbert, Kelley, Crowley & Jennett LLP
Los Angeles

Dispute Type:
ADA Disability
27 Feb 03
Dear Deborah,

You did an outstanding job in helping us settle a really tough case for my clients. Thank you from my clients . . . all of whom appreciated the fact that this matter was put behind them. You took a tough case; one that meant a lot to my clients and you made the plaintiff see our side and made my clients see just how poorly all of them had handled the relationship. In the end what you did settled the case.....Thanks...I look forward to seeing you at the next mediation.

Attorney Client:
Adam K. Treiger, Esq.
Stowell, Zeilenga & Ruth LLP
Westlake Village

Dispute Type:
ADA Disability
15 Jan 02
"I have used Ms. Rothman as a Mediator in the context of two complex business litigations. Both of these litigations consisted of highly emotional parties, and adversarial counsel. One of these litigations was between brothers, and so although it was based on a contract and real estate dispute, the dispute also had significant emotional, familial and historical components. In both of these mediations, Ms. Rothman tirelessly and aggressively strove for settlement. Each of the mediations lasted into the small hours of the next morning, because settlement seemed to Ms. Rothman to be in reach, even if the parties and counsel were ready to give up. In the first mediation, settlement was achieved due to Ms. Rothman's efforts at the end of the marathon session. In the second mediation, although the parties went home without a settlement, Ms. Rothman stayed a part of the negotiations for the next few weeks, and contributed to the settlement that was eventually reached. I recommend Ms. Rothman as a mediator without reservation."

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This testimonial or endorsement does not constitute a guarantee, warranty, or
prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter.

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